Kabul : Un suicide-bomber se fait exploser dans un hopital

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Kabul : Un suicide-bomber se fait exploser dans un hopital

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Resultats : 6 morts

Les hopitaux et eglises sont des cibles de premier choix !

A powerful midday blast on the grounds of the heavily guarded national military hospital in Kabul killed at least six people and injured more than 20 others, government officials said.

General Zahir Azimi, a Defense Ministry spokesman, said the six people who were killed were medical students, but a doctor at the hospital said they were Afghan soldiers training to be medics.

Azimi said the attack was the work of one suicide attacker who set off the blast inside a tent at the multistory hospital as the trainees were sitting down to lunch. Investigators were trying to determine how the attacker infiltrated the grounds, bypassing military checkpoints at every entrance.

The Taliban quickly claimed responsibility for the blast.

A military doctor, who asked that his name not be used because he was not authorized to speak to the media, said partial remains of the suicide attacker were found and he appeared to have been wearing an army uniform.

The medical center, the Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan Hospital, provides medical care to Afghan National Army soldiers and their families and is considered one of the best-equipped health care facilities in the country. It also is a training ground for doctors and medics.

http://www.boston.com/news/world/asia/a ... _in_kabul/
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Re: Kabul : Un suicide-bomber se fait exploser dans un hopit

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l'article dit,
NATO officials have said they expect increased violence as international troops begin reducing their presence in July.

http://www.boston.com/news/world/asia/a ... _in_kabul/

C'est ce qui arrive quand une bande de sauvages est laissé à elle-même.
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Re: Kabul : Un suicide-bomber se fait exploser dans un hopit

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C'est une erreur de quitter l'Afghanistan c'est une source d'ennuis pour un siècle
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